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Local Entrepreneur Pops Her Way to the Top
Dallas’ Healthy Popcorn Has a Devoted Following

By Raymund Flandez
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 5, 2004; Page PG05

The newly designed bags of popcorn had scarcely arrived at Whole Foods shelves when Renette Dallas discovered something was wrong. Her company’s product — Dallas’ Healthy & Delicious Popcorn — was being scanned at checkout for $1.79 each instead of $2.99.

“I’m just like, ‘Nooooo,’ ” Dallas said. “This is not happening.”A communication glitch between her company and Whole Foods allowed the bar codes of the new, large popcorn bags to be scanned at the same price as the small ones. It was just one of several little fires that the 40-year-old entrepreneur has had to stamp out as she’s built a multifaceted business on products for the health-conscious.

Dallas left a lucrative engineering job five years ago and used her own money to finance her popcorn business. Her gourmet-style popcorn is sold through several food co-ops, as well as Whole Foods and Giant Food stores from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. (you guys can google the rest)

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