Our Mission

Dr. Dallas a 53 year old African American native Washingtonian, perhaps best known as the creator the healthy snack product, TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn formerly “Life by Dallas Popcorn”, is also minister, author, certified fitness trainer, raw food chef, nutritionist, radio and TV show host and naturopathic doctor. She believes health care reform starts with preventive holistic care.

Dr. Dallas is on a personal crusade to educate and encourage individuals to become offensive in the war against the Big 3™, Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes especially in minority communities where there is a major disparity in health care alternatives.

To that end 17 years ago, Dr. Dallas created a healthy snack product that people actually like. In fact, many of her loyal following report they are addicted to Dallas’ TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn. This partly explains how she has been able to maintain visibility for seventeen years.

TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn; is a ready to eat premium air popped organic corn sprayed with sunflower oil, followed by a spray of seasonings to produce five unique knock-your-sock-off flavors! “Garlic Overdose” is the number one seller as the natural health food industry is the target market. “Original Crowd Favorite ; formerly ATS ‑ All That Spice” a crowd favorite not just among health enthusiasts, combines a perfect blend of herbs and spices. This unique combination simulates a buttery salty flavor without the bad stuff. Children love “Italy in a Bag” packed with Italian spices; they say it tastes like pizza. For those who like it boring, not even the NOOCH – nutritional yeast, “Just Plain Good” is available. “Ecstasy” combines cayenne pepper, garlic and other herbs to help stimulate blood flow and provide good circulation. The only fat comes from the sunflower oil which is good fat for the heart! The low sodium content is from the natural sea salt.

TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn is a VEGAN NUTRIENT DENSE WHOLE GRAIN SNACK which is NON-GMO, AIR POPPED, GLUTEN FREE, PEANUT FREE, TREE NUT FREE, PRESERVATIVE FREE, with NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, LOW SATURATED FATS, ZERO TRANS FAT and GOOD DIETARY FIBER! We feel it promotes healthy eating habits, a major first step in winning the war against the Big 3; Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes, the product is good for you, and it tastes good. The clean ingredients not only satisfy the most discriminating taste buds, but the key ingredients have medicinal properties; Garlic is good for the respiratory system and high blood pressure; cayenne is good for sinus and libido problems, nutritional yeast has excellent nutritional value with B vitamins to boost energy. The sunflower oil provides good fat for the heart’s circulatory system. And customers report significant weight loss when incorporating the popcorn into their diet.

Over the years, TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn (Dallas Popcorn) has been sold in Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Giant Food and a variety of other health food stores; including six very successful months of Costco Road Shows. The product was distributed through Albert’s Organics, a major natural foods distributor for the East and Mid-Atlantic regions. After having to switch manufacturer’s, Dr. Dallas resumed Direct Service Delivery (DSD).

Looking ahead, TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn will continue distribution to Whole Foods Market – Mid Atlantic & South Regions, MD Wegmans – Nature’s Market, My Organic Market (MOMs), YES Organic Market, Glut Food Coop, TPSS Food Coop. We will enlist several brokers, sales reps and regional distributors to strategically place TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and South regions!  In addition to www.dallaspopcorn.com, Life by Dallas TRUE POP™ NON-GMO Popcorn is available on Amazon.

Finally, Dr. Dallas, ND is a Traditional Naturopath, raw food chef, wellness speaker/lecturer and author, all of which catapult her into the center of what’s “trending” today! With books, herbal elixirs, EBooks and the ability to motivate and captivate the attention of all her audiences; Life by Dallas Inc naturopathic and wellness products and services expects to be changing the lives of a very sickly America and world! And over the last 6 years has established a tremendous footprint for this platform in South Africa!